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SASA Background

Society of Accredited Safety Auditors (SASA) was formed in November 1996 by Accredited Safety Auditors (ASA) and Safety Auditing Assistants (SAA) under the Independent Safety Audit Scheme (ISAS) aimed to enhance safety auditing and now represents more than 80% of ASAs and SAAs under ISAS and actively participated in various safety auditing aspects.

Code of Professional Conduct

  • To strive to enhance the competence and prestige of the safety auditing profession by observing a high and honourable standard of professional conduct.

  • To impress those whom he encounters whether through employment, discharge of duties and other dealings, an extreme commitment to develop and promote safety management, professional and auditing skill.

  • To seek to avoid his professional judgement being influenced by any form of conflict of interest.

  • To maintain financial propriety in his professional dealings with other people.

  • To be honest and ensure that advice, comments, and reports are objective and reliable.

  • To respect and preserve the reputation and good standing of the Society, other members, professional practice and standards and not to knowingly bring them into dispute.

  • Not to discuss or disclose any information relating to any audit unless required by law or authorized in writing by the appropriate parties.

  • Not to intentionally communicate false or misleading information that may compromise the integrity of any audit or auditor certification process.

  • Not to improperly use his membership of the Society for personal gain.