Others Course for Safety Auditors
  China Registered Safety Auditor -with application form (Pdf file)
  Draft Code of Practices
  Comments on Draft COP for Mobile Crane
  Draft Guidance on Rest Breaks (Chinese Version)
  Draft COP for Mobile Crane (English Version) (Chinese Version) (Pdf file)
  Comments on Draft Guidance Notes on CPD Programme (SO&SS) (Pdf file)
  Draft Guidance Notes on Continuing Professional Development Programmes under the Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Safety Officers and Safety Supervisors) (Amendment) Regulation 2001(Pdf file)
  Draft COP for Safety and Health at Work for Manual Electic Arc Welding (Pdf file)
  Comments on the Draft COP for Safe Use of Tower Cranes-JLGOSH (Zip file)
  Draft COP for Safe Use of Tower Cranes (Zip file)
  Draft COP on Safety Management (Zip file)
  Audit Criteria
  Plan for improvement for all ISAS audits - Blank Form (Pdf file)
  Plan for improvement procedure for all ISAS audits (Pdf file)
  V1.2 criteria (pdf file)

  Audit Tools
  Questionnaire - comp person (Zip file)
  Questionnaire - electrician (Zip file)
  Questionnaire - emergency (Zip file)
  Questionnaire - safety supervisor (Zip file)
  Questionnaire - subcontractor (Zip file)
  Questionnaire -worker (Zip file)
  Printout setting of ISAS Report (Zip file)
  SAA appointment (Zip file)
  Audit hour confirmation (Zip)
  Standard photo List (Zip file)
  Audit form - EV List (Zip file)
  Audit form - PH List (Zip file)
  Audit_forms (Zip file)
  How to use the score sheet (Zip file)
  ISAS_score_v_1.1 (Zip file)
  ISAS_questions_v_1.1 (Zip file)
  Regulatory_audit_questions (Zip file)
  Guidance Note
  EGM - resolution (Zip file)
  Memoradum and Articiles of Association of SASA (Zip file)
  Name card order form.pdf
  Name card order form ASA.pdf
  levy payment cert. (Zip file)

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