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Mr. Clint LO

Vice Presudent, Society of Accredited Safety Auditors Limited.

Ass. Professor (China U. of GeoScience), Visiting Lecturer (HKPU), Vice-president(CHKSSE), GASD(OHS), MAppSc(SM), ASA, RSO(HK& Guangdong), MIOSH, MSIA, MIISRM, MAASE, POSHA, MCSSTLP, MSASA, MHKISA, MSRSO.

Clint Lo, being the first batch Accredited Safety Auditor, is one of the founder members of the Society and has been servicing SASA as executive committee member for years.

Apart from employment with a leading Japanese contractor in the position of Company Safety Manager, Mr. Lo also actively participated in occupational health and safety field. Such as lecturer in universities, act as courts case safety expert, transaction paper referee, publish of academic papers, services in professional safety associations and provision of consultant services for various clients. Currently, Mr. Lo also being invited as Associate Professor of China University of GeoScience and conducting safety engineering related research.

Email Address: clintlo@netvigator.com.