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SASA Executive Council & Working Committee

The Executive Council consists of the President Mr. Steve Chan with the assistance to Eight Executive Council Members including:

Vice President - Mr. C. S. LAM
Hon Secretary - Mr. Danny SHIU
Hon Treasurer - Mr. S. W. CHAN
Executive Council Member - Mr. Roger Lai
Executive Council Member - Mr. W. M LIN
Executive Council Member

- Mr. Daron Leung


SASA Current Participation

Apart from conducting regular health and safety audits for Works Bureau and Housing Authority, SASA members also enthusiastically participate in development of SMART safety auditing system, jointly organizing the Safety Auditors Training Scheme (SATS) with the HK Polytechnic University (one of the training courses approved and mandatory to become a Registered Safety Auditor), lecturing in universities and private organizations, co-organizing safety symposium, sending speakers and papers for conference, organizing safety audit report writing course for members, regulatory audits and audits for private sectors etc.

SASA Membership

The membership of SASA has been reviewed subsequent to the introduction of Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Safety Management) Regulations. Currently Membership grading of the Society is summarized as follow :

Full Member

Accredited Safety Auditors
Registered Safety Auditors

Associate Member

Safety Auditing Assistant
Graduates from approved SATS

Company Member Corporate who wish to support the objectives of the Society
Companion Member

Individual who wish to support the objectives of the Society

Benefits of SASA Membership

As the Hong Kong's oldest and largest organization serving the safety auditor, the SASA is dedicated to provide a high level support to the members, professionalism, influence, technical resources and career development.

  • A strong network of health and safety auditing professionals in your area working in your discipline or sectors you are interested in;

  • Meetings, events and conferences on auditing and related issues;

  • Specialist Interest Group meetings concentrating on the health and safety auditing matters;

  • A monthly newsletter covering the prevailing development of health and safety auditing subjects;

  • The use of SMART - the unique and practical auditing tool developed by the association for the construction, container handling and manufacturing industries: